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Motley Digging Tools

Motley Grass Knife (no Sheath)

Motley Grass Knife (no Sheath)


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Detected a treasure? Then it’s time to dig! Well prepared that is. When we designed the unique Motley Digging Knives we listened to our customers. That’s why this knife is one of the lightest in the world (about 11 oz). Second, it’s thought out. We put cutting teeth on both sides of the blade, so the knife is suitable for left and right-handers.

Talking about the blade. It’s cold pressed and heath treated which makes it stiff and super strong. We added the Motley Easy Grip handle and a hexagon laser cut design to reduce weight.  Choose from many colors. It’s your digging knife, you decide.

So, take your Motley Digging Knife. Go to a field, meadow, forest or beach. Detect your treasure. And start digging. Well prepared and okay, good looking.

  • Weight between 11.00 -11.11 Ounces depending on the color
  • Total length 12.40 in – blade width 2.36 in – diameter .098 in
  • Handle length 5.43 in – handle width 1.10 in
  • Handguard  height 2.75 in
  • Tempered steel, Heat-treated for durability
  • Cold-pressed blade reinforcement
  • Motley easy-grip handle with handle cover
  • 3d hexagon unique motley laser cut design
  • Suitable for both left and right-handed people
  • CNC high-precision sharpened
  • Cosmetic powder coating
  • One of the lightest knives in the world
  • High-end quality manufactured in Europe
  • One year limited warranty


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